Parviz Najafpour


Parviz Najafpour

The song is enough from Parviz Najafpour Poetry from Mohammad Ali Bahmani Calligraphy, Guitar, and Arrangement from Parviz Najafpour

Parviz Najafpour

parviz najafpour

Parviz Najafpour The architect ,Painter and calligrapher Parviz Najafpour started his artistic career at the age of 12 with music, watching guitar music and art, and he began to seriously play the guitar since 1970 under the supervision of Professor Ramin Sadeghi, fellow Baqir Moazzanzadeh, the famous guitarist of Ahwazi. . And by teaching a calligrapher […]

Institute of Art Nojooyan

موسسه هنری نوجویان

The Art Institute Nojooyan has been working in two branches of Janatabad and Sattarkhan since 2001 under the supervision of Professor Parviz Najafpour.