Participate in art festivals, exhibitions and online sales of works,

Teacher and Director of the Cultural and Creative Arts Institute

Second place in Yasuj Youth Festival of Visual Arts, 1367,

Second place of the festival of visual arts of youth of Isfahan, 1368

Group Exhibition of Ahwaz Calligraphers Association

Prizewinner of the Society of Calligraphers of Iran

Ahwaz Calligraphy Exhibition in 1369

Entrance to Isfahan School of Architecture

The first place in the calligraphy of the students of the country is the issue of prayer in 1372

Establishment of the Atelier and personal gallery of Parviz Najafpour in Esfahan, 1373

Solo exhibition at Khorasgan Azad University, 1995

Solo exhibition of the classic painting gallery of Isfahan in 1996

Solo exhibition of painting line of Isfahan Line Museum

Painting Exhibition of Kosar Gallery in Isfahan 1998

Solo exhibition of painting line at Surah’s house in Isfahan 1999

Establishment of the Tehran Visual and Cultural Institute

The establishment of the Cultural and Artistic Institute of the Adolescents of Tehran in 2001

Teaching the basics of calligraphy and design since 1994

Solo Exhibition Painting Line Gita Gallery, Tehran, 2005

The permanent Internet exhibition of Fantasy Gallery from 2005 to the present

Exhibition of Painting Line Gallery of Works

Solo exhibition of the Zenitsa city of Bosnia Herzegovina 2007

Collective Painting Line along with the art gallery’s magnates Nicholas Flameem Paris 2013

Holding workshops and seminars at the Cultural and Creative Arts Institute of the Adolescents

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