Parviz Najafpour

Parviz Najafpour started his artistic career at the age of 12 with music, watching guitar music and art, and he began to seriously play the guitar since 1970 under the supervision of Professor Ramin Sadeghi, fellow Baqir Moazzanzadeh, the famous guitarist of Ahwazi. . And by teaching a calligrapher to Sadeghi, he learns music from them.

استاد پرویز نجف پور

At the University of Architecture, they first studied the guitar in classical style, then began to read, and after graduating from the Faculty of Architecture, they began to learn the theory and salfig under the supervision of Professor Morteza Dasheb and Saeed Alijani.

After that, they entered the field of compositions and under the supervision of Dr. Mohammad Sarir and Dr. Kambiz Houshang Ravan, he trained in music and classical compositions, and then began his first album, including composing, harmony, Conner Pooh, the Orchestra of Scion, Von and Analysis Under the supervision of Dr. Houshang Ravan.

Professor Parviz Najafpour released his first official album entitled “The Blue Side” in 2004.

The Blue Side album is the first official album of Najafpour master and previously released some personal albums.

After the Blue Side album, they also released some unwritten albums, after which they published some unofficial albums on the Internet, one of which was the Rasva-1 album, in which he recalled the old works, and several other albums of the same The genre will be released, but due to the lack of time, it’s enough to have an album in this genre

Professor Parviz Najafpour has been combining harmonica with guitar for ten years and playing on two instrumental musical instruments, which are personal instruments, and a compilation of duplicate and harmonic compilations is scheduled to be published at the present time. .

استاد پرویز نجف پور

Parviz Najafpour began singing songs for their musical pieces from the year 1380, aiming to publish their feelings in their own music, and to read and play the love of what they are in themselves, not what is inside others and the feelings of others And also from poems that felt dissatisfied with the level of primacy and low level of other poetry poetry, made them consistent in staging poems, and now have three ready-to-read tracks that they use in their songs. Like the childhood poem, your footprint, you who are above it … which, of course, is due to lack of wow It does not flow at a high rate.

Professor Parviz Najafpour traveled to Tehran in 1999, and two years later, he founded an adolescent arts institute, which before that had educational activities, both in school and in the wider arts institution.

The Nojooyan’s Artistic Institute has been working under the supervision of Professor Parviz Najafpour in two branches of Janatabad and Sattarkhan.